Young Epilepsy Section (YES)


In the spirit of transparency that underpins the organisational philosophy of ILAE-YES, this is a repository of all ILAE-YES formal documentation. Meeting minutes and budgetary reports can be obtained by YES participants on request to the Secretary, or else are available in full on the internal document drive.

All ILAE-YES Board, Task Force Leaders, and Regional Representatives formally report on progress made during their term during the ILAE-YES general business meeting held biennially at the International Epilepsy Congress. In addition, the ILAE-YES Board generates an annual written report to the ILAE Next Generation Task Force outlining the goals, tasks, achievements, and budget of the previous year, which is viewable in part as part of the ILAE Annual Report. ILAE-YES also has formal representatives on most ILAE Councils and Task Forces, and as part of these roles the representatives bilaterally report to the ILAE committees and YES about the activities of the other during regular meetings, which are documented in the minutes.

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