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In memoriam: Colin David Binnie (1938-2019)

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Prof. Colin David Binnie, clinical neurophysiologist, on 21st March 2019. Colin had a long and distinguished career in clinical neurophysiology. Colin played a major role in a number of early phase drug studies, notably the early studies of Lamotrigine and developed the model of photosensitivity as a method for acute single dose efficacy studies of potential AEDs. Also he was active as initiator or participant in a number of international projects in the fields of computer assisted spike detection and digital EEG.

9 May, 2019
Neurology Journal
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Evaluation of seizure treatment in anti-LGI1, anti-NMDAR, and anti-GABABR encephalitis

Epilepsy after resolved encephalitis was rare in our cohort of patients with AIE treated with immunotherapy. In addition, seizure freedom is achieved faster and more frequently after immunotherapy. Therefore, AEDs should be considered as add-on treatment, and similar to treatment of other encephalitis symptoms, immunotherapy is crucial.

6 May, 2019
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15 April, 2019