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Collaboration agreement between SNOMED International and the International League Against Epilepsy will raise the clinical quality of global epilepsy terminology

The ILAE Commission for Big Data and SNOMED International have established an Epilepsy Clinical Project Group. Members of this group will work together to define processes to maintain and update epilepsy content within the international edition of SNOMED CT’s clinical terminology, the world’s most comprehensive healthcare terminology product.

14 September, 2022
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SUDEP Task Force Survey

The ILAE SUDEP Task Force is seeking input from physicians regarding their practices when it comes to recommendations for and prescribing of seizure detection devices.

12 September, 2022
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Wiley and ILAE Deliver Knowledge on Epilepsy Syndromes

In March 2022, Wiley and ILAE launched the Epilepsy Knowledge Hub to provide health care professionals with the latest research and guidelines to aid in diagnosis, classification, and treatment for people with epilepsy syndromes.

8 September, 2022
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Seeking comments on new ILAE position paper

The ILAE Nomenclature Task Force prepared a paper about terms to describe epilepsy medications and treatments. The paper seeks to standardize the terms we use to identify the different types and goals of epilepsy treatments. These terms will become the League’s standards following comments from the public and final approval of the edited manuscript.

29 August, 2022