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Epilepsy care in Zambia: “Now that we have neurologists, we will have a voice”, Epigraph, Volume 23, Issue 3, Fall 2021

IBRO/ILAE EEG Epilepsy Workshop, Kinshasa, 19-26 March, 2016

Epilepsy Regional Teaching Course, Kinshasa, 2014

2nd African Epilepsy Congress Cape Town, South Africa, 2014. Congress report and photos


ILAE-Africa Newsletter - 4th AEC - 2019

ILAE-Africa Newsletter (2019 Vol. 1)

ILAE-Africa Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Epilepsy Africa (November 2011)

African Declaration on Epilepsy

Déclaration Africaine Contre L'épilepsie (African Declaration on Epilepsy)
African Declaration on Epilepsy (English Version)