ilae-europe reports

Annual Reports

2015 ILAE-Europe Regional Annual Report

2014 ILAE-Europe Regional Annual Report

2013 ILAE-Europe Regional Annual Report

2012 ILAE-Europe Regional Annual Report

Regional Educational Agenda, Vienna (August 2012)

2009-2013 Regional Action Plan

2009-2013 Regional Report

2005-2009 Regional Report

Meeting Minutes

European Chapter Convention, Rhodes (2010)

Minutes ILAE CEA Chapter Convention

CEA Chair Update to the European Chapters

CEA Action Plan

Comparison of Old and New Constitution

Constitution Chapter Convention

Promoting Epilepsy in Europe

Standard of Epilepsy Care

Education Agenda in Europe


European Chapter Convention, Berlin (2008)

European Chapter Convention, Singapore (2007)

Minutes ECC Singapore July 8

Report of the European Advisory Council

Report of the Commission on European Affairs

European Political Action in Favour of Epilepsy Research

Generic AED Products in the Treatment of Epilepsy in Europe

Mortality Project CEA Chapter Convention

Published Papers

Standard procedures for the diagnostic pathway of sleep-related epilepsies and comorbid sleep disorders: A European Academy of Neurology, European Sleep Research Society and International League against Epilepsy-Europe consensus review, Journal of sleep research (2020)

Testing patients during seizures: A European consensus procedure developed by a joint taskforce of the ILAE – Commission on European Affairs and the European Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Association, Epilepsia (2016)

Valproate in the treatment of epilepsy in girls and women of childbearing potential, Epilepsia (2015)

CEA - Use of valproate in women and girls: Letter to the European Medicines (2014)

Valproate in the treatment of epilepsy in women and girls: Pre-Publication Summary

Valproato no tratamento de epilepsia em mulheres, adultas e jovens: Pré-Publicação de um Resumo, Português

Regional Presentations

International Epilepsy Congress: European Region Presentation, Barcelona, Spain (September 2017)

31st International Epilepsy Congress: European Region Presentation, Istanbul, Turkey (2015)

CEA Presentation Dublin

30th International Epilepsy Congress: European Region Presentation, Montreal, Canada (2013)

Topical Reports

Education thérapeutique en Epilepsie(s): de la conception à l’évaluation d’un programme

Summary in English, Epigraph (2014), page 6

Epilepsy Research Priorities in Europe, European Forum on Epilepsy Research (2013)

European Congresses of Epileptology Guidelines (2013)