Jerzy Majkowski
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In memoriam Jerzy Majkowski

We are deeply saddened to announce that Jerzy Majkowski Emeritus Professor of Neurology and father of the Polish League Against Epilepsy, passed away on July 18 2019 in Warsaw at age 91. He contributed much in area of neurophysiology and epileptology. He trained and inspired a large number of…

31 July, 2019
Nature Reviews Neurology
Clinical Research

Neuroinflammatory pathways as treatment targets and biomarkers in epilepsy

In this Review, we focus on our understanding of the IL-1 receptor–Toll-like receptor 4 axis, the arachidonic acid–prostaglandin cascade, oxidative stress and transforming growth factor-β signalling associated with blood–brain barrier dysfunction, all of which are pathways that are activated in pharmacoresistant epilepsy in humans and that can be modulated in animal models to produce therapeutic effects on seizures, neuronal cell loss and neurological comorbidities.

30 July, 2019