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Art Around Epilepsy

The Japanese Epilepsy Society has held annual exhibitions of Art Around Epilepsy since 2016 to provide opportunities for people to be exposed to the visual scenes of patients with epilepsy and those involved, as well as to become better acquainted with and gain an accurate understanding of epilepsy. This artwork has now been compiled into a pdf available for free download.

10 April, 2019
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Announcing Neurobiology Commission Bursaries

New funding opportunity for young trainees and investigators with limited financial resources to attend scientific meetings, workshops or other training opportunities that promise to advance their research career. The bursaries will cover travel expenses to a maximum of $2,000 per applicant to attend a scientific or training activity.

2 April, 2019
Schweizerische Epilepsie-Liga: Swiss League Against Epilepsy
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Swiss League Against Epilepsy Presents 2019 Research Recognition Awards

The 2019 Epilepsy League Research Recognition Award and prize money of CHF 25,000 is set to benefit young people: Dr. Martina Hubacher is researching “The absent mind – Neurocognition and sleep in young people with absence seizures” at the University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB). The Prize for Best Dissertation will be split between Basel and Geneva.

21 March, 2019