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Transition in Epilepsy – A survey for patients and healthcare practitioners

Transition from pediatric to Adult Healthcare System proves difficult for many youths with epilepsy and their families. There are significant difficulties in establishing and maintaining transition programs in epilepsy. The purpose of the study is to understand the patient/caregiver and healthcare professional’s perspective of transition in epilepsy and the barriers experienced.

7 September, 2021
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Towards realizing the vision of precision medicine: AI based prediction of clinical drug response

We used the anti-epileptic drug brivaracetam as a case study and combine a hybrid data/knowledge-driven feature extraction with machine learning to systematically integrate clinical and genetic data from a clinical discovery dataset. We constructed a model that successfully predicts clinical drug response and show that even with limited sample size, integrating high-dimensional genetics data with clinical data can inform drug response prediction.

16 August, 2021
Annals of Neurology
Clinical Research

Post-ictal psychosis in epilepsy: A clinico-genetic study

Post-ictal psychosis occurs under particular circumstances in people with epilepsy with a heightened genetic predisposition to schizophrenia, illustrating how disease biology (seizures) and trait susceptibility (schizophrenia) may interact to produce particular outcomes (post-ictal psychosis) in a common disease.

2 August, 2021