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Gian-Emilio Chatrian (d. 2024)
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In Memoriam: Gian-Emilio Chatrian

Gian-Emilio Chatrian, M.D. passed away on 10 March 2024 in Milano at the age of 98 years. He was President of the American EEG Society (later, American Clinical Neurophysiology Society) in 1968 and of the American Epilepsy Society in the 1970s.

27 March, 2024
International League Against Epilepsy
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ILAE Clinical Practice Guideline and Consensus Recommendations Methodologist

ILAE is looking to recruit a Clinical Practice Guidelines and Consensus Recommendations Methodologist on a full time basis; a part time position could be considered. This person would be an ex-officio member of the SBP Council and co-lead the Intake, Review and Methodology Committee.

4 March, 2024
International Epilepsy Day 2024
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ILAE-IBE Joint Statement on International Epilepsy Day 2024

Today, on International Epilepsy Day, the International League Against Epilepsy and the International Bureau for Epilepsy are calling for accelerated implementation of the Intersectoral Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and other Neurological Disorders.

12 February, 2024