1.3.4 Interpret semiological signs and symptoms allowing hypotheses on the localization of focal seizures

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XXVIII Conferinta SRIE (The 28th Conference of the Romanian Chapter)

4 - 7 November 2020 — Organizata in intregime ON LINE

VIREPA - EEG in the Diagnosis & Management of Epilepsy – Pediatric

Offered annually — online

Basic elements of the practice of EEG in its application to the diagnostic work up and the management of children with suspected or already established epilepsy. Practice-oriented and aimed at the general neurologist/pediatric neurologist/pediatrician dealing with ‐ but not exclusively involved in ‐ epilepsy care.

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11th Migration Course on Epileptology

15 - 19 June 2023 — Belgrade, Serbia

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