Epigraph Vol. 10 Issue 1, Winter 2007-2008

ILAE Oral History Collection

As many of you will know, the ILAE has been collecting audio-taped interviews of ILAE figures, as part of its centenary celebrations. These are being recorded for the ILAE historical archive, and edited highlights of some interviews will be placed on the website and be available at the Centenary conference in Budapest. The purpose is to collect an oral history covering the period of the whole of the career of the interviewee. The interviewees are invited to reminisce about the ILAE, epilepsy and their own careers. The interviews are conducted face-to-face with Ms Giselle Weiss.

Although English is the preferred language, interviews can be also conducted in French or German. We would now like to extend this project to any member of the ILAE, and if you would like to be interviewed as part of this project, please email Professor Simon Shorvon (s.shorvon@ion.ucl.ac.uk) providing further details of the topics you would like the interview to cover.

Simon Shorvon