Epigraph Vol. 10 Issue 1, Winter 2007-2008

San Servolo Epilepsy Summer School

San Servolo Epilepsy Summer School

The idea of organizing an Epilepsy Summer Course at the International School of Neurological Sciences of Venice (ISNV) came to me as soon as I was invited to succeed Diego Fontanari as ISNV President in 2001. The training activities of the ISNV take place in the facilities of the Venice International University in San Servolo that are ideally suited for residential courses.

After six years of the Summer School we can state that 315 students from 75 countries have benefited thanks to 116 teachers from 29 countries. The largest student attendance was in 2007.  The success of the program is due to the generous commitment of the course directors, teachers and tutors who shared their outstanding experience with the students and lived with them for the duration of the course. Their enthusiastic contribution met a high degree of motivation of the students whose scientific and professional endowments made the interaction with the faculty particularly effective. I thank all of them for making my involvement in the Epilepsy Summer School so exciting.

The next Summer School is scheduled for 27 July through 8 August, 2008 with a theme of “Bridging Basic with Clinical Epileptology – 3”. The directors will be Uwe Heinemann of Germany and Marco de Curtis of Italy. For more information contact Melella Paterlini at epilepsy-summercourse@univiu.org. Programs and organization details can be found on Univiu.org and www.ilaeepilepsy.org.

Giuliano Avanzini
ISNV President