Epigraph Vol. 10 Issue 1, Winter 2007-2008

Patient Perspective - A Poem

by Emily Allen

 My mind possessed by seizures
They controlled my brain;
My speech, my emotions, my thoughts
Everyone talking, my brain stopping
Life proved challenging
But I desired no special distinction.

I continued to study and play everyday
While doing homework and swimming
Hoping to avoid disarray.

Friends demonstrate love
With gifts, cards, calls, and e-mail
Life seems rough
In classes that are tough
But buddies, family, and prayer
Helped me stay strong

After brain surgery
Seizures seem like strangers
Therapy helps me relearn words and pictures
It's complex, but useful

Over all I give thanks,
For teachers, therapists, family, and friends
And look forward to the future.

Thank you, Lord

Emily Allen is a teenager who underwent surgery for her epilepsy. She gave this poem to her surgeon to let him know how she was feeling after the surgery.