Epigraph Vol. 8 Issue 4, Fall 2006

1st London Colloquium on Status Epilepticus

1st London Colloquium on Status Epilepticus

1st London Colloquium on Status Epilepticus
London, England
12 - 14 April 2007


1st London Status Epilepticus Faculty and Program


Registration is invited for this conference, to be held in London on April 12-14 2007. Attendance is open to any clinician or scientist. Details of the conference and registration are available on www.conference2k.com/statusconf.asp .

The colloquium will be a landmark meeting in the field of status epilepticus, following in direct lineage the Marseilles Colloquium held in 1962, and the two Santa Monica meetings on this topic held in 1980 and 1997. The colloquium is the first of two planned meetings, the second of which will be held in Innsbruck in 2009.

The purpose of the conference is to:

  • Summarise current knowledge in key clinical and basic science areas
  • Define optimal clinical practice
  • Debate controversial issues
  • Point to future clinical and scientific research areas

The faculty members are major clinical and scientific figures in the field of status epilepticus from around the world, and a global perspective is being taken.

The programme is divided into three sections:

  • Molecular nature of status epilepticus
  • Clinical aspects of status epilepticus
  • Outcomes of status epilepticus.

Poster presentations are invited from any registrant (details and application forms are available on www.conference2k.com/statusconf.asp ). Applications can be submitted on any clinical or scientific subject in the field of status epilepticus. The closing date for submission is December 31st 2006.

Registration is now open and is restricted to 250 persons, so please register quickly to void disappointment. In addition an attractive social programme is offered.

The conference is being held under the patronage of the ILAE Commission on European Affairs, the ILAE Commission on Therapeutic Strategies, the British and Austrian national ILAE chapters, University College London (Institutes of Neurology and Child Health) and the Medical University Innsbruck.

This meeting is supported by the ILAE and by an educational grant from UCB.