Epigraph Vol. 8 Issue 4, Fall 2006

The Centenary History of the ILAE and Historical Archive

As many readers will know, in 2009 the ILAE celebrates its centenary. As part of this celebration, the ILAE Executive has commissioned two projects. The first is a written Centenary History of the ILAE, scheduled for publication in 2009. This will be a book documenting the history of the ILAE over this period, the history of epilepsy and the role of the ILAE in this history of epilepsy The second project is the collection of an archive of historical material related to the ILAE. As part of this, it is proposed to make a collection of taped interviews with figures in the ILAE (an ‘Oral History’ collection) about their memories of the development of the ILAE and of epilepsy in their countries, and relevant personal recollections. This archive would be made available to those interested in epilepsy and be an important historical source.

We are keen to involve members of the ILAE in these two projects, and invite the assistance of ILAE members worldwide in several ways:

To collect (or to be informed about) sources of historical material (eg papers/reports/books/memoirs or any other material) which might be relevant to the written history. Also, we are keen to collect names (+contact details) of individuals whom possibly could be contacted to provide such information.

To be informed of names (+contact details) of individuals who you feel could be interviewed on tape as part of the oral history project.

It is important for the ILAE to document its history and no doubt there is a great deal of material around the world which should be included in the history. If any ILAE member can help, please contact Simon Shorvon (Institute of Neurology. Queen Square. London WC1N 3BG. UK / s.shorvon@ion.ucl.ac.uk).

Simon Shorvon (on behalf of the ILAE History Project)