Epigraph Vol. 8 Issue 4, Fall 2006

Applications are invited for the post of ILAE Information Officer

ILAE members are invited to apply for this executive post. The appointee has overall responsibility for ILAE information and communication, and reports to the ILAE President. This is an unpaid position and will be appointed from April 1st 2007. The post entails the following duties:

(a) ILAE Newsletter (Epigraph)
The appointee assumes the role of Editor of Epigraph, the ILAE newsletter. This is published currently 4 times a year (3 online publications and one print publication). The Editor has overall responsibility for the newsletter and its content and editorial policy. The duties involve the commissioning of articles, their editing, planning content for future issues, writing editorials and dealing with day to day correspondence in relation to the newsletter. 

(b) ILAE Website (www.ilae.org)
The appointee assumes the role of Editor of the ILAE website. The Editor has overall responsibility for the structure of the website, its content and for its editorial policy. The post involves the commissioning and editing the content of the website, overseeing the updating of the website, deciding and planning content, and dealing with day to day correspondence in relation to the Website. The appointee also becomes Chair of the ILAE Website task force and is responsible for convening 2-3 meetings a year of the Taskforce, taking the minutes of the meeting and reporting to the Executive Committee on task force matters.

(c) ILAE Archive
The appointee assumes oversight of the ILAE archive held in the Swiss Epilepsy Centre in Zurich. The appointee is responsible for archive policy and for commissioning accessions to the archive.

(d) ILAE Executive Committee
The appointee becomes a member of the ILAE Executive Committee, and is expected to attend the bi-annual meetings of the ILAE Executive Committee and also the joint annual meetings of the ILAE and IBE Executive Committees. The appointee is responsible for the preparation of reports for the ILAE Executive Committee meetings and for inclusion in the ILAE Annual Report, and for presentations at other ILAE events (eg chapter convention).

(e) Other points
The appointee has overall responsibility for ILAE communications and information and for their development. The appointee will be expected to make recommendations for the strategic development of ILAE communication policy and to carry out other duties as directed by the ILAE President.

The appointee is assisted currently, in relation to tasks (a) and (b) above by the ILAE Administrative Office which provides technical, logistical and editorial support.

The appointee must be able to communicate fluently in the English language and it would be desirable for the appointee also to have competence in other languages. He/she must be completely familiar with a range of conventional IT facilities. He/she must have a detailed knowledge of epilepsy and the ILAE and the most suitable candidates will be those who are medically qualified, have specialized in epilepsy and who have been previously involved in ILAE. It is important for the appointee to be well organized, efficient and enthusiastic and he/she must be able to meet deadlines. The post requires a significant work commitment.

The post has been held since 1997 by Dr Simon Shorvon, and further details can be obtained from him (s.shorvon@ion.ucl.ac.uk) or from the ILAE President, Professor Peter Wolf (PeterW@vestamt.dk)

Applications should include a CV and an outline proposal, and sent to the ILAE President, Professor Peter Wolf by post or email.

Peter Wolf
Danish Epilepsy Centre
Kolonivej 1
DK – 4293 Dianalund
E-mail: PeterW@vestamt.dk.

The deadline for submission of applications is January 31st 2007.