Epigraph Vol. 8 Issue 4, Fall 2006


WG Lennox: The Laymen's League against Epilepsy in America.

Epilepsia 2nd Series. Vol 1, no. 4 1940; 261-2

This is a paper of historical and social rather than scientific interest. Lennox describes the setting up of a lay organization for epilepsy in America. The establishment of lay groups was an important initiative, and these organizations have since flourished to become integral parts of the epilepsy scene. Lennox makes mention of the difference between the European and US models, with the main focus of lay organizations in Europe being the support of epilepsy institutions and colonies, and of those in the US the provision of support for more academic and educational activities. As a sign of this, the American organization for instance provided vital financial support of Epilepsia during the war years. In America, wrote Lennox, the objectives of the Laymen’s League were of ‘uniting physicians and the public in spreading a true knowledge of epilepsy and in gaining new knowledge’.

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