Epigraph Vol. 8 Issue 4, Fall 2006

Does Anyone Have Back Copies Of Epilepsia Between 1959-1990?

Epilepsia is the international scientific journal of the ILAE, and as such is its primary scientific output. It has been so since the very inauguration of the ILAE in 1909. Since then it has been published in four series (1909-1915, 1937-50, 1952-1956 and 1959-present day). Within these pages can be traced the evolution of scientific thought about epilepsy over the past 100 years and the journal has published classic articles on many aspects of epilepsy. Epilepsia is now available on-line as well as in a print edition.

The Editors of Epilepsia and the ILAE are now keen to digitise all back issues of the journal from 1909 and to provide a complete on-line electronic archive of all issues which can be accessed via the ILAE and Epilepsia websites. We see this as a very important way of disseminating knowledge and understanding of epilepsy. The task of copying back issues is now underway, and we have to date complete editions of epilepsy from 1909-1956 and from 1992-the present day.

However, our collections between 1959-1991 are incomplete and we are therefore putting out this call to inquire whether anyone has in their personal (or institutional) libraries a run of the printed issues between these dates (or part of a run), and would be willing to donate these to the ILAE for the purposes of copying and digitisation. Unfortunately, the process of copying will result in the dismantling of the print issues and therefore, they will not be able to be returned. However, we would be happy to compense the donor and also to provide a CD-ROM of all back issues to anyone willing to donate their back issues.

If anyone therefore has a run (or part-run) of back issues of the journal between 1959-1991, and is willing to donate them to the ILAE, please contact Simon Shorvon (Institute of Neurology. Queen Square. London WC1N 3BG. UK / epilepsia@epilepsia.com ).

Simon Shorvon (On behalf of the ILAE and Editors of Epilepsia).