34th International Epilepsy Congress

Virtual Congress

28 August - 1 September 2021

In Memoriam

Alan Richens 1938-2021

Alan Richens - 1938 - 2021

Alan Richens was recognized internationally for his research and contributions to the clinical pharmacology of epilepsy in the 70s and the 80s.


Rosemary Panelli

Rosemary Panelli - 1952 - 2021

Rosemary Panelli was respected around the world for her work in public health. She was an original thinker and advocated tirelessly for people with epilepsy, including the issue of SUDEP.


Emmanuel Sanya

Emmanuel Sanya - d. 2021

Emmanuel Olatunde Sanya served in a variety of leadership positions in the international epilepsy community and was dedicated to strengthening the epilepsy movement in Africa.


William Harkness

William Harkness - 1955 - 2021

William Harkness was president of the International Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons and dedicated to treating children with epilepsy in the UK and other countries. 


David C Taylor 3-7-33 - 3-13-21

David Taylor - 1933 - 2021

David Taylor was a psychiatrist who worked on the social, economic, and psychological effects of epilepsy surgery. He also described the focal cortical dysplasia that bears his name.


Paul Kioy

Paul Kioy - d. 2021

Paul Kioy made significant contributions to the study of epilepsy and epilepsy care in Kenya and sub-Saharan Africa. He was a founding member of the Kenyan Society of Epilepsy.


Hans-Hasso Frey 1927-2020

Hans-Hasso Frey - 1927 - 2020

Hans-Hasso Frey was trained as a veterinarian who spent much of his career in academic pharmacology. Bumetanide was developed under his leadership.


Sharif I. Magalov - 1939 - 2020

Sharif I. Magalov - 1939 - 2020

Sharif I. Magalov led the study of hereditary neurological diseases in Azerbaijan and taught the current leaders in the country.


Hans-Martin Weinmann - 1928 - 2020

Hans-Martin Weinmann - 1928 - 2020 

Hans-Martin Weinmann was a pioneer of German neuropediatrics and the co-founder of the Königsteiner Arbeitskreis für Epileptologie (an expert group of German speaking epileptologists).


Jose Tellez-Zenteno

José Tellez-Zenteno - 1971 - 2020

José Tellez-Zenteno occupied leadership positions in epileptology in Canada and Latin America and was a prolific researcher in the epidemiology of epilepsy.


Heinz Josef Penin

Heinz Penin - 1924 - 2020

Heinz Penin was an early developer and proponent of simultaneous EEG and video recording and a leader in the clinical neurophysiology of epilepsy. 


Anthony Zimba

Anthony Mulenga Zimba - 1954 - 2020

Anthony Mulenga Zimba was a powerful advocate for improved epilepsy care throughout Africa through work in Zambia and as a leader in the IBE.


Vinod Saxena

V.S. Saxena - 1942 - 2020

Vinod Saxena was an international leader who was dedicated to supporting people with epilepsy to achieve the best possible quality of life.


Chrysostomos P (

Chrysostomos Panayiotopoulos - 1938 - 2020

Chrysostomos P. Panayiotopoulos (“Tomis”) combined a strength in clinical diagnosis and EEG to identify and define childhood epilepsy syndromes which had an impact on treatment.


Frederick Andermann

Frederick Andermann - 1930 - 2019

Frederick Andermann made many contributions to clinical epilepsy including the training of several generations of epilepsy specialists across the world. 


Colin David Binnie

Colin Binnie - 1938 - 2019

Colin David Binnie was a clinical neurophysiologist pioneer in long-term video EEG monitoring, and the study of photosensitivity.



Raffaele Canger

Raffaele Canger - 1938 - 2019

Raffaele Canger was a teacher and a mentor for many Italian neurologists and served as vice-president of the International Bureau for Epilepsy.